Spin Off Bundaberg

Saturday, 20 May 2018.
3-6:30pm. YMCA, 7 Quinn St.


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Spin Off Gym Bike Challenge

Who will be the KINGS OF SPIN?

The stadium is pulsing with energy and excitement. One thousand people are on their feet, roaring for more speed, for one final push! Every competitor in the arena has their eyes fixed on the score board, watching the clock, counting the seconds, eyeing off their rivals. Months of training and strategy are coming to a head. The thunder of the crowd reaches a crescendo as the last seconds tick off the clock and the competitors hurl themselves in the final sprint, legs pumping as they push their bodies to the limits of exhaustion…

What is Spin Off?

Spin Off is an exciting stationary gym bike challenge where teams compete against each other to ride the furthest and raise the most money.

The event aims to raise the profile of school chaplaincy and provide an effective fundraising vehicle for South East Queensland state schools and their communities to support their local school chaplain.

Teams consist of 5 to 10 competitors who will ‘push the pedals to the max’ over a 30 minute period. The overall aim is to be the team who pedals the most kilometres.

SU QLD School Chaplain with School Students

Raising vital funds for SU QLD School Chaplaincy

When students need to talk through a family problem… when they’re being bullied… when their self esteem is low and they can’t see anything good about themselves… their school chaplain has been there.

Spin Off is a fun way to raise funds that help ensure these students always have access to the support of a school chaplain.